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Lagos is renowned for its beautiful beaches.
If you wish to experience a beach vacation in Lagos in the Algarve the best times are between April and October. The Algarve has over 300 days of sunshine per year so you have plenty of time to enjoy the beaches at the Algarve. However, not everyone travels to Lagos just to relax and lay on the beach all day. Many visitors to Lagos's beaches also come to experience the surfing in the Algarve or a day sailing our beautiful waters.

"Meia Praia" Beach
With soft and white sand, Meia Praia is forms the beach of one of the biggest bays in Europe and has a calm sea due to its width. Owing to its lack of rocks it is ideal for nautical sports. When the wind is strong, there are many sheltered sand alcoves between the dunes. The Meia Praia is a Blue Flag beach and it's just at walking distance to the center of Onyria Palmares Beach & Golf Resort.

Ponta da Piedade could very well be the most beautiful beach on earth!

The influent american portal “The Huffington Post”, that can have 80 million of monthly visitors, highly praises this Lagos beach.

In their own words:

“Yes, we have stumbled upon some incredibly gorgeous beaches in recent weeks. And yes, we stumble upon beaches a lot. But we couldn't resist running off to Ponta da Piedade, the beach in Portugal where rock cliffs are so high (60 feet!), they almost touch the blue, blue sky. Fisherman have given silly names to each formation, and there are oodles of caves, grottoes and arches to duck into as you navigate the crystal-clear water by boat. It's kinda hard to look at, it's so beautiful.”

If you would like to know more about the beach in Lagos, take a look into the beach guide here.
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