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The Algarve Dreamed by Onyria

  • Fun & Leisure destination (Casinos, nightclubs, shopping);
  • Gastronomy & Good living (Great restaurants, fresh seafood, conventual deserts and traditional cuisine, wine);
  • Nature & landscape (Nature parks, lagoons, walking programs, fauna and flora identification, sea cave visits);
  • Sports & Adventure (Fishing, Diving, Surf, Tennis, Soccer, Biking, Touring, Hunting, Horse-riding...);
  • Culture & Tradition (Traditional costumes, museums, historical founds and archaeology).

Unique Selling Points of the Algarve:
  • Mediterranean climate;
  • Some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches;
  • International Airport and low-cost destination;
  • Portugal’s prime Golf destination and 5 star tourism;
  • Country (Portugal) of great traditions and providing a high end lifestyle.

The Algarve is frequently acclaimed for many reasons.

Bellow you can find some recent awards and recognitions.

Live and Invest Overseas

Algarve is the best place to retire in the world

- Algarve is Nº1 in the “Best Places To Retire Around The World” according to “Live and Invest Overseas"
The Algarve, Portugal Takes Top Honours for the 3rd Year Running.
With 20 countries that truly cover the spectrum, there are 12 categories in the 2016 Retire Overseas Index. These represent the most important criteria that retirees must consider when shopping the globe for the best place to retire. The categories are climate, cost of living, English spoken, entertainment, environmental conditions, existing expat community, health care, infrastructure, real estate, residency options, safety, and taxes.

Once again in 2016, Portugal’s Algarve remains the best place in the world today to retire overseas, with some of the reasons being:
“The Algarve has got everything the would-be retiree could want—great weather and lots of sunshine year-round; an established and welcoming expat community; top-notch medical facilities and health care; an affordable (that is, downright cheap) cost of living, especially when you consider the quality of life on offer; undervalued and bargain-priced property buys, including right on the ocean; endless opportunities for fun, adventure, and enjoying rich, full, varied days out-of-doors; a great deal of English spoken thanks to the longstanding British presence; First World infrastructure; a new retiree residency program that rolls out the welcome mat for foreign pensioners; and easy access both from the United States and to and from all Europe.”

Golfer - Travel Awards

Algarve is the best golf destination in Europe

- Algarve is Golf’s “Best Value Destination” according “Today’s Golfer
Our region has claimed this award a few times, namely 2011, 2013 and now in 2015, in these established prizes where they mention:
"Portugal’s long- established golfing paradise is well and truly back on top of the pile… Wherever you are in the Algarve, you’ll never be too far away from a great golfing experience… The Algarve has it all, including where to stay – ranging from budget to luxury accommodation options – plus terrific food and drink. Wherever you venture you’re likely to encounter service with a smile too."

World Travel Awards

Algarve is the leading beach destination in Europe

- Algarve is the “Leading Beach Destination” in Europe accolade given in the “World Travel Awards"
The World Travel Awards was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all various sectors of the travel tourism and hospitality industry. Each year WTA covers the globe with a series of regional gala ceremonies staged to recognise and celebrate individual and collective successes within each geographical region. After winning in 2012, 2013 and 2015, the Algarve is once again acclaimed Europe’s Leading Beach Destination in 2016!

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